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(c) :iconfrostquill:/ Frederico de A. Pereira
MLP-The Abstract Apocalypse Cover by FrostQuillDoctor Whooves: Wibly Wobly Rainbows. by FrostQuill
=Completed ones=
Memories of my Past Cover! by FrostQuillDark Knight Chronicles - Intro. by FrostQuill
=Short ones===
The Mind Master.
This story takes place at the border of Equestria with the legendary Firelands, also called by the Equestrians, the Wastelands.
This is the story of a little dragon that had everything taken off him. This is the story of his revenge.
The two female dragons were passing through the crashed village. The Dragon Overlord had sent his forces to destroy that place just for his amusement.
Sharia: “Terrible…” the purple one, which eyes were green, said “Just terrible…”.
Graiza: “Yeah…” the red one, which had pretty blue eyes said “But we can’t do anything about this, as long as Darvark leads…”.
The two dragons sighed and started to remove some wreckage, the smell of burned meat and carbonized wood was all over the place and it made their noses itch.
Sharia: “I can’t smell anything!” the red female said “Graiza can you smel
The Legend of the Mind Unicorns.
Holly, Price, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were playing at the place were the great lunch was being prepared to feed the ponies at the Summer Sun Celebration eve.
“You can’t catch me!” Price shouted when he tried to fly by jumping and flapping his wings, but he fell like a stone “UHF!”.
The girls laughed at his attempt to fly and he stood up with a smile while blushing.
“Worth a try brother…” Holly told him.
“It wasn’t so bad girls!” she said and that made Price blush and the fillies noticed.
“Price and Sweetie, sitting near the river, kissing!” Scootaloo started to sing and soon Applebloom and Holly followed her.
“Stop that!” he shouted, but they didn’t did it, Sweetie was quiet, but blushing.
A laugh was heard and the three fillies stopped when they saw Dark Knight approaching.
“Don’t mind me, continue!” he said between a laugh.
“Dad!” Price and Ho
The Abstract Battle.
The Sun has risen again in the Abstract World and with it Thunder Blade woke up.
It was another day, another lonely day. Thunder Blade rose from his bed and walked towards the window of his room and he saw that strange blue Sun in contrast with that pitch-blacked sky, red grass and purple dirt, but those colors always changed, with the exception of the Sun.
Thunder donned his overcoat and tied his unruly mane, conjured his electrical wings and flew out of his room and looked back to see his ‘house’. He lived inside a library which was inside the ruins of the Memory Empire. Thunder looked down and saw the memories of thousands ponies walking without emotion or sense.
Thunder Blade: “Oh my dear brothers and sisters… You may rest in peace one day…”.
He told them without expecting any answers. Thunder flew towards one of the Great Plains around the Citadel, his hooves touched the floor and it reacted to his touch turning itself light-blue. He looked do
The Mind Lord and The Alicorn.
With that said Good reading!
Thunder Blade opened his eyes and felt his head pounding. His vision was blurry and his head spinning, but he was awake and not anymore in the Void.
He lifted his head and felt his mouth dry then he stood up and shook his head to get rid of his dizziness and then he looked around. But for his surprise he wasn’t in the Abstract World. He was on a beautiful beach.
Thunder Blade: “That’s not right… Where the heck am I?”.
He looked over his body and noticed that he wasn’t wearing his overcoat as usual, but the bracers were still there as they always were.
Thunder Blade: “What in the name of the hay is going on?”.
He lowe
The Demon's Daughter.
Rain was pouring down at the Everfree Forest, all the little animals were hiding in their homes, but one being was in the middle of the wet weather. A little white alicorn filly with fiery eyes and mane.
Her name was Infinity and she just had been banished from Canterlot, it wasn't her fault, the flames went out of control and she was desperate to control them. Celestia herself putted the fire out and the ponies from the town convinced her to banish her. Without friends, without hope.
She was crying and coughing, her little fiery eyes were red from all the crying. She was weak and ill, because of the rain. But when she had already given up hope a white bat-like wing covered her and pulled her close to a white body. She looked up to see a alicorn, who had pitch blacked eyes with just a red sphere in the middle of them.
"What do we have here?" the creepy alicorn said "What's your name?".
"I'm..." she hesitated "...Infinity...".
He smiled at her, his teeth were yellow and sharp, but his s


Sunset Shimmer Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12Colgate by jewlechoBrony clan tag stamp [BRNY] (Luna Version) by JRDN762Lord of the Rings Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanNeon Ignition Fan Stamp by Tsundere-Aria
I've been tagged by :iconpabloracer1:. The following questions will be answered by me, the moderator of the account! (not an oc)

13 Tagged meme


1.- You must post these rules.

2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them.

3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4.- Choose 13 people.

5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.

6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that".

7.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.

8.- You can't say that you don't do tags.

9. - Tag-backs are ALLOWED.

10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

11. - You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.

12. - Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things. 

13. - Cussing is ALLOWED.

13 Facts About Me

1. I'm 20 years old.
2. I'm a Comic Book fanatic! Both Marvel and DC.
3. I'm writing a fantasy book. Hopefully I can end it by the end of the year and soon publish it.
4. I attend to singing classes I love to sing!
5. When I create characters I usually get emotionally involved with them. I always treat (most of) my characters as my sons and daughters.
6. I consider English my 1st language over my native language.
7. I study Law, maybe to be a Lawyer, a judge, or something like that xD
8. Besides Ponies, I love Pokemon and Digimon.
9. I'm a fanatic of the Warcraft story and lore.
10. I like to create characters and sometimes make little comics about them.
11. I love superheroes and heroines! And my favorite of all Times is Capitan Marvel (Carol Denvers). And one of my favorite charcters of all times is Death (from Sandman).
12. I prefer literature over drawings (but I love drawings as well).
13. Give me a good beer and a great time talking and you'll be considered a great friend xP

Pabloracer's Questions:

1. What usually calls your attention the most, writing or drawing?
Drawing it's pretty good, but I cannot deny that a great writting can most of times overthrow a good picture ^^'

2. Do you have plans to go to another country?
Yes! Absolutely! Far away from my country if possible xD

3. How often do you find yourself singing?
All the time! I love singing.

4. Or talking to yourself in a sort of voice acting a character?
All the time as well. Mainly imagining my characters.

5. Do you play video games a lot?
Yeah, I do! Lots of games!

6. if so, what's your type of game, if not, what do you do instead of gaming?
I love MMOs, MOBAs and RPGs.

7. How much music do you have on your phone, mp3 player, ipod or something among those lines?
I have... 260 songs =)

8. What are you studying currently?
Laws and things like that.

9. Have a plan of any kind for the near future?
Possibly leaving my country and living in another one.

10. Any song/music you could recommend to everyone?
Hmm... Year Zero - Ghost. :3

11. What does art mean to you?
Expression. Mostly Art means emotion and creation! See fact nº5 about me.

12. If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would you go?
No idea... Really no idea.

13. What are your thoughts on NSFW art (drawing, stories and all that) ?
I like it :) NSFW art usually have a perfectionist touch and I love the beautiful art that some NSFW artists make. NSFW stories are just fascinating! When just words can make you feel something you would only (normally) feel when you see an image it's amazing!

Not tagging anyone though :P
(If you want to be tagged tell me :3)

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List of Things to Do

On DA:
=> Written works:
- Write MLp-The Abstract apocalypse. Phase III: Chapter XII
=> Draw Works:
- Other Phases covers.

Out of DA:
- Publish my First book.
- Write the second book.
- Do a dubbing course.
- Start Dubbing.

Thinking about changing my Username to "FrostQuill" (which is my Ponysona's name). 

4 deviants said DO IT!
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